Judge Feels Firing Squad Executions Should Return

Well, this is certainly something. A Federal Court Chief Judge has offered a stern view on capital punishment after the third problem execution in the last six months, keepi (MORE)

Types of Misdemeanors in New York

When you are charged with a misdemeanor in New York, you will have to face the criminal justice system. You should never go into a criminal proceeding without a full understan (MORE)

The Eerie History of Eastern State Penitentiary

The Eastern State Penitentiary is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was open for business from 1829 to 1970. Unspeakable acts of violence and various forms of capital (MORE)
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The Psychopathic Personality

A personality type is a set of defining characteristics that helps us assess how a person interacts with the world. There are many different personality types, and most people (MORE)
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Top Five Crime Stories

True-crime stories are often portrayed in horror and suspense movies, but nothing can compare to the real thing. Despite the fact that they reveal the worst of human nature, c (MORE)