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Death Row

Why Deidre Hunt is No Longer on Death Row

In 1989, Deirdre Hunt and her boyfriend tied a man to a tree and shot him. Then, she conspired with her boyfriend to hire a young man to murder the wife of her boyfriend, named Lisa, because she had learned of their affair. Both criminals were sentenced to death and spent several years on death row. However, Deirdre Hunt's case was later heard again, and her sentence was changed to life in prison. Although she remains incarcerated, she no longer faces the death penalty for her crimes....(more)

Lisa Montgomery: One of Few Women on Death Row

In 2007, Lisa Montgomery, a Kansas woman, was sentenced to death for the 2004 murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett. Montgomery killed Stinnett, who was eight months pregnant, and attempted to kidnap her baby. Montgomery was soon apprehended, and the baby girl returned to her father. Lisa Montgomery is currently held on death row at Federal Medical Center, Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas. Read on to learn more about this shocking case....(more)

Christina Walters and Death Row

Christina Walters was the leader of a local chapter of the deadly Crips gang in North Carolina. As part of her final initiation into the gang, she was expected to commit several murders of unsuspecting, random victims. To fulfill her quota, she shot and killed Tracy Lambert, Susan Moore and attempted to kill Debra Cheeseborough, who survived being shot several times. If these murders were pulled off successfully, Walters would gain her coveted teardrop tattoo that marked her leadership and status in the gang. The following article explains more about the conviction of Christine Walters, death row implications and the judicial system....(more)

Brittany Holberg: A Person on Death Row

In 1996, Brittany Holberg was incarcerated in the Mountain View unit at Gatesville, Texas. She was put on death row for the robbery and murder of an 80-year-old man. During the crime, she stabbed the victim almost 60 times and attacked him with various household implements. The evidence pointed to her overwhelmingly, and she was found guilty and sentenced to death. For more information on Holdberg's life and crime, read the article below....(more)


Vito Genovese: One of the Mafia Bosses of New York City

As far as mafia bosses are concerned, few other mobsters captivated the public attention more than Vito Genovese, or as he liked to be called, Don Vito. His rise to the top of the criminal underworld in some of the most violent years in mob history is unparalleled. Born in Italy, he came to New York and became a redoubtable mobster. He lost some of his power when he was exiled to Italy, but he returned to New York to regain it....(more)

"Real World" Star Adam King's Real-life Legal Trouble

Since the 1990s, reality television shows have increasingly dominated prime-time television. One of the most popular reality shows of all time is "The Real World." In fact, it was one of the first reality TV shows and paved the way for countless imitators. The cast members of "The Real World" are known for their outrageous behavior. One such cast member was Adam King. Here's a look at his life on and off the show, and the trouble he ran into with the law....(more)

The Dana Williamson Case

In 1988, Dana Williamson killed Donna Becker while trying to burglarize her family home. As a man who had a previous manslaughter conviction, the grand jury assigned to his case considered him a dangerous individual. Although Williamson was successful in killing only one person that night, he attempted to murder three others. As a result, a judge sentenced him to death for his crimes....(more)


Green River Killer Movie Depicts Monster

Gary Ridgway killed as many as 100 women during the 1980s and 1990s in the state of Washington. Most of his victims were prostitutes he raped and strangled. This horrible story was told in the movie "Green River Killer." While the film was panned by critics, it spread the notoriety of one of the worst serial killers in history....(more)

Joey Buttafuoco and the Long Island Lolita Case

Life began to change dramatically during the summer of 1991 for Long Island resident, Joey Buttafuoco. This was the summer he would meet 17-year old Amy Fisher. Joey, a married man, supposedly began an illicit affair with Amy which led to the shooting of his wife at the hands of his teenage lover. If you are curious about Joey Buttafuoco and his sordid affair with Amy Fisher, the following article provides you with in-depth information that will better help you understand the "Long Island Lolita" story....(more)

Rappers' Mugshots: A List of Infamous Artists

The genre of hip-hop has long been criticized by some politicians, members of the public, and the media for glorifying drugs and violence. Sometimes the rappers that talk about illegal activity in their songs commit these acts in real life. Some of these rappers include the southern rapper Lil Wayne, east coast rapper DMX. Keep reading to learn more about rappers mugshots and the crimes that these rappers have committed....(more)