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Capital Punishment

The Eerie History of Eastern State Penitentiary

The Eastern State Penitentiary is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was open for business from 1829 to 1970. Unspeakable acts of violence and various forms of capital punishment went on behind the walls of this prison. Today, former prison is said to be haunted, and some storytellers say it has become a prison of a different kind, where the tortured souls of inmates who died there are still incarcerated. If you are curious about the prison and the various forms of punishment that were used there and the spirits who haunt it, the following article will provide a helpful understanding of the methods used to control inmates at Eastern State Penitentiary, and how their spirits may still lurk there....(more)


Juvenile Death Penalty in the United States

The death penalty is a topic that has always been hotly debated around the world. There are staunch advocates for both sides of this issue, and both sides can make compelling arguments for their stances. The issue is complicated further when the offenders in question are under the age of 18. The death penalty for juveniles sheds light on the issue in terms of the principles that allow justice to be served. This also gives attention to the issue of whether killing what society deems to be a child in the legal sense is ever justifiable. In other words, it makes you wonder if the very "adult" punishment of execution is befitting for a person who is not an adult, despite the fact that this person has committed an adult crime. Thus, read on to learn more about the juvenile death penalty in the United States....(more)

Famous Crimes Committed by Juveniles

Some of the most famous crimes committed by juveniles became renowned because of the lack of remorse on the part of the child. Some are so heinous; it is hard to believe a child could possibly commit such an act. In all, 71 boys have been given the death penalty sentence for committing murder while they were juveniles. Fifty-eight of them were 17. The other 13 were 16. As of March, 2005, the death penalty for juveniles was found to be in violation of the U.S. Constitution and was banned. All the men on death row for juvenile offenses at that time had their sentences commuted to life without possibility of parole. Most of the children who commit crimes like those listed here are given time in prison, often life. The following cases review five terrible and violent acts - including the taking of life - with reckless regard, committed...(more)

Options for Treatment of Juvenile Offenders

Crimes committed by individuals under the age of 18 can range from minor assault or theft to murder. Options for treatment of juvenile offenders is a necessity because of the broad range of circumstances surrounding crimes committed by children. Each case must be analyzed for specific details to determine what kind of treatment the child deserves and needs. Read on to learn more about treatment options for juvenile offenders....(more)

Criminal Law

Crimes That can Result in a Federal Prison Sentence

Crimes that will land a person in federal prison are wide and varied. There is often an overlap with state law regarding offenses that can result in incarceration as well. The rules for determining whether a crime will be deemed a federal or a state one can be confusing. These charges tend to be broken up into three categories including theft, drug charges, and violent charges. Read on and some of the questions you have regarding the offenses that will draw the ire of the federal courts will be answered....(more)

The Elements That Define What a Kidnapping is

A kidnapping is a horrible crime that not only affects the victim, but also his or her family. It can be stressful for family members, not knowing where the victim is, or even if he or she is alive. In criminal law, the definition of kidnapping is "the unlawful seizing and carrying away of a person by force or fraud, or the seizing and detainment of a person against his will with the intent to carry him away at some later point in time." However, this definition alone does not cover all the nuances of what a kidnapping is....(more)

Stalking Facts: Correcting Misconceptions

For some, stalking is a very real thing to deal with. Contrary to what most people think, it is not exclusive to the rich and famous. As much as 3.4 million people become victims of stalking and come under harm. All U.S. states have made it illegal and punishable by law. Learn other important stalking facts here....(more)